2022 Shark Toss World Championship Rules:

Invitation Only: To qualify for the 2022 Shark Toss World Championships (22STWC) each team or competitor (a Tosser) is selected on an invitation only basis. If you are a club or charity & would like to organise a team fundraising event, drop us a line.
  1. Equipment Required: A regulation competition shark & something to measure the distance.
  2. Virtual Entries: For Tossers not able to attend the 22STWC finals in Adelaide, Australia, during the 2022 championships we are allowing Tossers to submit a video/virtual entry between 1 January & 14 February 2022. The video must be a continuous recording of the team's longest toss and its subsequent measurement. If a team submits a team photo, together with their best toss and measurement video, we will assume is ok to use the video photo for the ADAYGAMES & 22STWC website, socials & future ESPN 30 for 30 documentary. If want to keep a low profile and not make any parts of the video/photos public, just let us know when you send in the entry.
  3. Team Entry Confirmation: Each Team is required to send in their team name, the name of their shark, place where the toss took place.
  4. Competition Shark: Any style of inflatable shark used in past games (see photos on the website) are allowed for the world championships.
  5. Gameplay: Each team's Shark Tosser get 2 tosses each of the inflatable pool shark, the longest toss wins. Distance is measured from toss runway crease to closest part of the shark once landed and stopped moving.
  6. Foot Fault: Cricket bowling rules apply to the throw, i.e. the Tosser's foot cannot step over the crease/runway line until the shark has left the hand/foot of the Tosser. A foot fault results in no more than one re-toss.
  7. Measuring: The distance of each toss should be measured from the center of the crease/runway line to the closest part of the shark once it has landed and stopped moving.
  8. No Mechanical, Land, Sea or Gravity Assistance: The shark should only be propelled by brute human force fuelled by no performance enhancing substance (with the exception of cold beer). Only minimal assistance from nature or natural elements is permitted (with the exception of interference from wild animals). If the shark hits the ground and then continues to move away from the Tosser, for more than two shark lengths, it will be deemed to have been assisted by the hand of god and its final resting place will not count. The Tosser can choose to take a re-toss or settle for the distance from where the shark first touched the ground.
  9. Flat Earth: The earth is flat, so should be the tossing runway and shark's landing zone. Tossers cannot toss off a hill or building, off the shoulders of a teammate is permitted.
  10. No Wind Assistance: There should be ideally no or low (<10km/hr) wind at the time of the toss. If wind speed is between 10km-25km/hr, the toss can be considered for the World Championship but no record is possible and a wind handicap will be applied; i.e. one shark length handicap for wind speed of 10-15km and two shark lengths handicap for wind speeds of 15-25km/hr.
  11. Toss Action: Any throwing action is permitted, provided that the shark is propelled by either one to two humans, using only their arm(s) or leg(s).
  12. Shark Alterations: No objects or tape are allowed on the shark or liquids, materials or gases not otherwise found in the air (in same proportions as the air we breath IN & OUT) are allowed inside the shark. A shark can be customised with paint or stickers.
  13. Kangaroo Court: The Judge's decision on whether or not an entry qualifies for consideration in the 22STWC is arbitrary & final. Official Judges for the 22STWC will be announced before Feb 6th 2021. A judge and its relatives cannot win the World Championships.